Thursday, June 21, 2012

First time for everything

Hello again!
I didn't intend for this to be only a monthly thing, but as it turns out, that's what my schedule has allowed me. This post should've come about a month ago, but I just got back from a country that blocks a ridiculous amount of websites *coughchinacough*. Anyways, my last post was about placing for the first time in prizewinner. I had another feis two weeks later, and I figured, I'll be happy if I just don't do worse. I really wanted to place in two of my dances, but hey, I wasn't going to kill anyone if it didn't happen. 
Well, there's a first time for everything, and as it turns out, I got two of those "first times" at the second feis. First, was placing in all of my dances. This has never, ever, ever happened. Ever. I was hoping to place in 2, so I was beyond excited to see this. Second, I won my hornpipe! I won my first prizewinner dance!! My school has a rule that if you have three first places, you only need a top 3 in the last dance to progress into prelims. I already had top 3 in treble jig, and I got top 3 in reel and slip jig at that feis, which means that I actually only need to win two more dances and I'm in prelims.


Holy mother of god. Just a few months ago, prelims was a distant dream. Something that might be possible some time in the future. When I started competing, I never even considered I'd get that far. And yet here I am, only two wins away. Now, I know that'll take time, and I'm not rushing it. This year has been so huge for dancing. In January I won my last novice, and by May I'm placing in everything and have won one of my prizewinners. At my school, we had end of year awards, and I got most improved dancer for my class. I can't even begin to tell my teachers how much that means to me.

Now I just have to keep dancing. Summer is killer for losing motivation. I'm working all the time, and summer school started today, which means dancing will most likely be shafted a little. Not that I don't want to practice, but my feet are never really happy when I try to dance after a 7 hour shift on my feet :( My best friend from dance normally keeps me in check, and I her, but she's out of town at the moment unfortunately. At least if I don't practice now, I know I'll have no choice when she gets back! Dance buddies are the best :)

Well, that's about all my news.  Any, and all words of motivation for summer laziness are greatly appreciated!!!

P.S. Readers: my gift to you for making it this far, a little present from China. Me with a 10 month old panda. Enjoy the inexplicable cuteness.

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